Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rainbows and clouds

This is Owen. I work with him in the morning before school. He is 7 years young with Joubert syndrome. The Joubert syndrome has been slowly shutting down his kidneys and they are only working at 38% currently. Eventually the disease will take over and this little angel will be sitting on Jesus' lap. 

Owen is also blind. At times you can see the shear fear on his face from not being able to see. He hunches over, eye brows raise and every muscle in his body is tense. Could you imagine? Could you imagine not being able to read this post right now? 

On my way to work the other morning I was praying for Owen and I thought. "Wow, he's unable to see his entire little life and the first things he will see when his eyes are restored is Jesus Christ." 

How beautiful. 

Wouldn't it be worth it? 

The first real thing you see is the magnificent colors of heaven. After thinking about it i decided, being blind would have a large set of chanllenges but, to have Jesus as the first thing I see would be worth all the struggle. 

Please pray for him and his family. They are going to Disney World with him over the holidays to celebrate his wonderful years here. 

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