Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Birthday

This is my cousin Jennifer and I about two months ago. She passed away at the end of October from cancer. Today is her birthday, she would of been 27. 

This is one of those life events I was talking about when I came back to the blogosphere from my 3 month disconnect. 

I haven't known tons of people that have passed but I do know that after meeting Jesus my hope has skyrocketed for the loved one that leave us. 

One of the last times I visited Jennifer I felt like God wanted me to pray with her. Usually I'm terrified to step out in prompting a like this but, this was my cousin, I loved her very much and the doctors just gave her a month left. This was go time. The prayer was great, four of us girls sat together and Jen requested we hold hands as we prayed. It was beautiful, women together with open hearts. I will never forget it. Maybe I'll even write a short story about it one day. 

After Jen left us, I cried a whole lot but it wasn't a sad cry. It was more of a relief. I knew in my heart that she was with Jesus. And I knew Goscwas proud of me for being obedient to what was laid on my heart. 

The holidays will be strange without her but I know there is good on this. 

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