Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kick starting Layla Southern

     I'm very VERY excited to share someone special with you today!
     Miss Layla Southern.

   This Georgia Peach is fresh out of high school and headed to college for music business while also pursuing her own music career. Her voice was uncovered in fourth grade when she signed up for a talent show. Ever since her musically talented father and his brothers kept her interest alive for the love of tunes. For the past two years Layla and her father Doug have been featured on The Simple man Cruise and will also be playing this year. They mix up their set with some covers and original songs. Warning: You want to sit down when this girl sings Hell on Heels, I guarantee she will knock you off your feet.

 I met this lovely lady through my dad and step mother. They introduced themselves to Layla and Doug on the cruise after a set and have kept up with one another ever since! Layla and Doug have made several trips up here to Columbus within the past year and I've been blessed to watch them preform. I must say, out of every band or music performer I've watched they are by far my favorite. I'm not just talking up some family friends here, this is the soul deep truth. Each time I watch the father-daughter duo they remind me of why life exist, love. Doug's proud poppa face shines toward Layla while her strong beautiful presence captures the audience. Each time I've seen them play, it's not just music, it's a humbling lesson. It's a reminder of why we have passions and relationships. America constantly keeps us distracted with and wants us to strive for the gold and superficial "dream" but these two live differently. 

   The reason I'm sharing this story today is to help Layla! She started a Kick Starter to raise money to get merchandise made for her upcoming shows and cruise! There are only 8 DAYS LEFT to donate so hurry! If they do not reach their goal all the donations will go back so please, lets help make it happen!

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