Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Harry Potter, Shomo Group and Change.

Hey friends, family and loyal readers,

It's been awhile. I went MIA in July after I fell in class and hit my head. I was out cold when my amazing professor woke me up and called the ambulance. She also called my lovely boyfriend who rushed to my side and took care of me for the rest of the day. Although the day was a nightmare, I cannot recall feeling so loved.

With that, for the next month I took a break from TV and computer screens. During that time I read from The Sorcerers Stone to the Goblet of Fire, for the first time ever. Better late than never, right? Needless to say I'm well on my way to being a Potterhead.

In the past week life has turned back on full force. I started a new job and am on a crazy schedule. I'm trying to make the best of it while my body adjust. I'm back in class and am stoked because it's the class is creative writing. I'm also prepping for this fall's craft shows, so expect some monsters soon!

This past week I've been interviewing people about their thoughts on street evangelism for a research paper. I sat down with a long time friend on Sunday. It was amazing hearing his story. I will leave it at that for now.

Everyone wants to be loved guys, just love everyone. And if you don't love them or understand something about them, don't be a dick out of your own insecurities.  

There have been a couple things taken out of my life since my last post. The first thing was a online forum of woman I was participating in. I wanted to let the ladies know who I have connected with that I love all of you. The community was great and maybe I will join again later. As of right now, there are too many cookies on my plate and I had to take something out. Thank you for the friendship and I hope to continue to connect with you on link-ups, twitter and blog posts.

More importantly, the home church I started to attend three years ago held it's last group this past Saturday. I want to thank Phil and Juile, everyone involved in the group. If it wasn't for Zac convincing me to go I would not know Jesus the way I do today. Haha, now that I think about it. I may or may not have been the first person Zac shared Jesus with. Amazing.

Little did I know when I walked though the doors that first Saturday night I would live in the home with five other amazing young woman. I would have never guessed we'd experience the first stages of adulthood together. WHAT A CRAZY TIME LADIES! I had no idea I'd find best friends that would love and support me through the darkest days I've every lived. No clue that I'd have the privilege to witness an incredibly God centered marriage fist hand. Not once did I hear a raised argument or words of disrespect from Phil or Julie. Thank you for showing me that relationships like that do exist and are possible to obtain.

I'm trying to think of some favorite times that happened in the house but it's hard to define a one or two since we always had fun. From singing and dancing in the kitchen to long heart to hearts. From day dreaming of Ryan Gosling to the gallons upon gallons of ice cream consumed. Haha, I think one of the funniest times was when I got ready for work and walked in Laurel's room for her outfit approval only to find her sleeping with her eyes open. Or that time Glenna yelled, "DOUG IS SO CUTE!" And then Phil came up stairs and said, "You know, out of all of my years raising Luke and Caleb. I don't think I ever heard them say Doug it sooo cute!!!" Poor Phil, raised two boys for years and then got stuck with crazy girls in and out of the house. We can't forget about the sweet potato craze! Or the smoothie revaluation. Haha.

I could go on for twenty more paragraphs about girls group, prayer nights and sing-a-longs. Thank you past room mates and friends. I've had a blast growing in life with you. These next few years will be just as sweet!:)

That is all for now. Hope your doing fabulous.:)

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