Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Quarter Life

   I think I'm going through a quarter life crisis. Go ahead, laugh or just exit the page, but I'm serious! Recent events made me realize this.

   First, I went to Gallery Hop last weekend with a friend. As we searched for a place to park, I was already over the traffic and thousands of people that covered the streets. It was hot and I just wanted to change my clothes. Four years ago this situation would have been different, parking the car itself was a great adventure to me.

   The other thing that helped me realize my quarter life confusion was my roommate. She just graduated high school and wants to walk across America, her adventurous spirit is one to be admired. I was like that once, travel always caught my curiosity and woke soul. Now, after a few years of being bobbed down by student loans and rent, I can take a trip to Target and it's like my greatest desires have been fulfilled. I've also found that I'd much rather spend a weekend on a Harry Potter book and eat a cake than go to a concert.

   What happened to me? Has anyone else experienced similar realizations? Am I just a bog ole' fun-sucker now?

   My boyfriend had to remind me that although my preferences have changed, my curiosity has not. Which is the important thing.

   Besides, I played in a room full of 700 balloons last week and no fun was sucked whatsoever.

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