Sunday, December 2, 2012

Every soul has a story

Within the past four hours I've done a good bit of thinking and being productive. I read some of "Someday you'll write" courtesy of Elizabeth Yates and 1962; also came up with an new idea for blogging this month.

What I've re-realized in the last 45 minutes is, everyone is a soul. Every soul has a story and that God cares about each and every souls story. Which brought me to thinking about my story and the hell of a year I've had. Which then, brought me to thinking about people around me, their "hell of a years" and the story God is co-writing with them.

When I was little there was a short time my mother, bother and I lived with my grandmother. Each night grandma told us a story before bed. That woman is one darn good story teller! I was always filled with joy to hear the next move from each character, never knowing what door they'd open.

This month instead of rambling on about me, we're going to talk about you. You! Your story and how God has worked in your life within the past year.

There are a million incredible journeys that need to be heard. If you're willing, I'd love to have an interview with you. After the interview I will be posting it on this blog for all to enjoy and be encouraged by. Take this as my gift to you to help share God's miracles in your life. Too many lost souls are out there yearning to hear them. Lets work together and let it be know that, God is real and that he is daily.

The interview will be based on the past year of your life and how God has worked in it. The ups, downs and life lessons your eyes have been opened to.

If you'd like to volunteer please contact me!

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