Friday, October 19, 2012

Writing prompt: Today I Will

Hello little lovely cutie pies,

I've decided I want to write more. I love sharing stories about how God has impacted my life and want to take it farther. In the mean time of figuring out how to do that I'm going to work on some word play. The other day I found a slue of amazing writing prompts. I've never worked with writing prompts before so I thought it would be fun to try out. These will be more like a journal entry, very raw and won't make a ton of sense. If they're not your favorite, I'm not offended.

Today's prompt starts with "Today I will" then is a free write for ten minutes. Lets see how it goes, 4, 3, 2 1...

Today I will be loved. I will be complete. Today I will work hard and go after who I am. Who I was made to be, in Him. Today I will do my best to be patient and try to understand. Today I will be loving and give a helping hand.

Today I will be overwhelmed, lost not knowing where to go. Which is why I need His strength to lean on and take me home. Today I'm reaching out, into the unknown. Today I will dream up my full potential and He will stretch me much farther that what I thought I'd go.

Today I will not drink coffee with hopes of getting a good nights rest. Today I will make a list, upon a list, upon a list. I will scribble, add and check.

Today I will call my handsome and tell him he is missed. Today I will wish I had his hand in mine craving a forehead kiss.

Today I will celebrate one of the greatest women I know. Her birth, her smiles, her courageous love and a heart that's pure like snow.

Today I will say a prayer for a loved one that was lost. I will put the impossible in the hands of the Lord.

Today I will look at the clock and see that ten minutes have already passed.

 Today I will carry joy on my face. I will lock His undying love in my heart, that can never be replaced.

Hmm, not bad for a first timer.
Have a lovely weekend munchibles!

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