Friday, October 5, 2012

This is for..

This is for the lost, who have yet to be found.
The incomplete searching to be whole,
and the broken hearted, holding the pieces, trying to control.

This is for the lonely, in silence, at the kitchen table during the night,
the innocent that lost it all and no longer know whats wrong from right.

This is for the helpless, victimized by a vacuum,
and for the dark closets kept tucked away, hidden with a smiling face.

This is for the change in that cup that passes each day,
the desperate craving love, finding it in all the wrong ways,
and the battlefield of hell, that became home away from home.

This is for the hidden and all of the lies,
it's for the heart beat of the dead waiting to be alive.

I bring you good new my darlings.
He has been here all along.
The One that wakes the sun and slumbers you with a song.

Your mistake's were no secret, He always knew,
But they are forgiven and your heart has been renewed.

Set your eyes on Him,
let go of control,
and know your worth is more than gold.

He had promised you love,
and given you grace,
center life around Him and walk in His ways.

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