Monday, April 2, 2012

Knit together in love

There is this amazing woman in my life I meet up with often for life chats. This post is inspired by her amazing wisdom and a conversation we had. Now, I know there is more detail and technical terms I could get into with this topic but I like to keep things simple. 

I hope you're prepared to soak this in.

God knit us together, as we know. What has always intrigued me the most about that statement was not thinking about our outer appearance or even our personality. When I hear "He knit you together in your mothers womb." I hear, "He created your desires and emotions. He created your heart. " Which, I feel is what the verse is trying to say. 

Something that hit me in the face was the different kinds of love we give and receive. Family, Friendship and romantic love. Looking at the world we live in, everything is on a scale. We are always trying to reach the top. We are always giving everything a gold, silver or bronze metal. Essentially meaning, we rate everything. But we live in America, we're constantly voting for the next politician or for the next American Idol. Everything has greater or lesser value to us. 

God on the other hand does not work that way. Jesus didn't die for us to have girlfriends and boyfriends, He died so we can share love with everyone, as one, in one body, throughout the world. With all this being said, what I'm getting at is, most of the time we as humans put romantic love on the top of the list. That is the president that is going to make us most happy and protect our hearts the best! This is not the case at all. If God, Jesus and Holy Spirit are equal then so is friendship, family and romantic love.

Doesn't it suck that we so often put the romantic love on the top of the list? I know for me so many times that, that president has let me down. The one I trusted, the one I put my elbow grease in for, the one I went out and told everyone how great and wonderful it was and how happy it was going to make me. Then, there, and here, I sit, without it. It didn't stick to its word, it didn't protect my heart nor did it play out the plan it had been pressing to reach during the election. 

All love is equal. I haven't been in clear sight of this. I'm such a horrible friend. I'm so in and out with everyone, I mean there are a million people to keep up with in this community but that's no excuse. I've had so many people these past few months pour into me and love me, with that real kind of, "I will die for you love." But for some reason I have set that aside and kept searching for something else. I gave them a silver metal. I was not content. I was searching for the "president" and honestly, all the candidates that have come my way don't recognize my worth and are not fit for the job of loving me as a woman in that sort of way. 

With all that being said, I have one more thing. Our hearts are in a constant state of being together and breaking up. We receive and let go of things we love constantly. It's like a rhythmic motion, a song. Not one of those horrible 80's ballads, it's beautiful. You could relate it to the past few days of weather we've had; from rain to gorgeous sunshine to semi alright day with a little bit of breeze. Or just the seasons in general. We're constantly joyful or completely broken. I feel like with family, I get so so happy when they call but then there is that season of not seeming to caring, which is my fault as well. I've lost best friends over and over again, I've been more heart broken about those relationships than I ever imagined. Then there again is that romantic love, the one I thought could save me, but failed. I think it's easy to see how all love is equal when it's lost because we hurt the same way each time. 

The huge thing we need to learn from this is how to take care of each others hearts. It's so over looked, so often. We as people are so focused on ourselves and trying to make ourselves feel better that we always forget about the people left behind, the hearts we have touched and are still connected to. This is how brokenness begins! Once that heart is behind us or in our past we move on but don't realize we still must be cautious, respectful and are responsible for that person. 

What I'm asking you is this, please put aside the flesh's emotions and love what's in front of you. There is no need to go on a wild goose chase for something you think will heal your heart. Look in front of you and love that person. No matter who it is. I know first hand in some situations it's extremely hard and very painful to do such a task. But, that's when you must live out the victory Jesus gave you when He died on the cross. You've already over come the pain, just love. 

All Gory to God.

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  1. Finally I have made it to your blog! I agree, and I like the analogy of how we often times gives medals. Recently I have been mindful of those who are in my inner circle and keeping them close, so this came at a timely moment for me. Thank you for visiting my blog BTW.


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