Saturday, February 4, 2012

A family, finally together

When I walked in the door of my mother's house this past Sunday I prepared myself. I knew it was going to be a bit of a hectic stress mess with my little brother rushing around getting everything thrown into a backpack.

My guess was correct. He had his bag on the couch with everything he needed beside it. Socks, two pairs of underwear, a folder with his high school diploma and another set of clothes. His stubbornness surfaced and nerves were being thrown everywhere, yelling every which way he faced. In his favorite jeans and buckeye hoodie on he was about ready. The day had finally come after five months of anticipation. He was leaving for boot camp.

The house felt broken. It felt stressed and anxious. I tired my best to keep my patience, to change the atmosphere. But it was too strong for my current state of weakness. I backed off with a little prayer in mind, then it came.

My step father, a six foot six, muscular, very scary, bearded black man walked down from the room he often locks himself in. I felt it, the Holy Spirit was present. "Praise Jesus" I thought. As he walked down the steps singing an old Luniz song (I got 5 on it) my unsaved brother felt it too, I could tell by the smile on his face. Actually it was more than a smile I saw, it was stubbornness turned to joy. I giggled, knowing that's something my brother is going to miss. Jamie (my step dad) singing everything from Fall Out Boy to 2Pac while he goes about his day. It use to annoy me but I must admit, since I've moved it's something I miss too.

After Jamie topped off his coffee and he walked in the slightly more calm living room he said, "What are ya'll doing! Mommy, put down that check list, Tim stop trippin boy. It's time to pray!" I've never seen my mother's mouth drop so quickly. I was shocked myself. You see, this was not something that happens in my family. Before Thanksgiving dinner, of course. But to come together? As a family? And pray? For a current situation or worry or stress. UNHEARD OF. After I realized what was about to happen the Holy Spirit had already brought tears to my eyes. The thought that my little brother would be able to experience God's love the way I've been blessed with so many times, for the absolute very first time was breath taking. Even the thought of it now brings me tears, tears of joy.

Then, we all kneeled down at the couch. Jamie spread his arms across all of us and began the prayer. I've never heard him pray before, it was one of the most beautiful things God granted my ears to hear. I could tell my little brother didn't really know how to take it all in. He was a little embarrassed, he felt a tug on his heart and he became more curious of what living with God is truly like. He may not realize it yet, but he did.

I was so proud of Jamie that day. For doing his part in the family as a man, a holy man, a man of God. It was something I had been yearning to experience for years. A family, a family together, truly together.

Now, my brother is unsaved at the moment. I've tried to talk to him about Jesus many times but he doesn't understand. It was hard for me to accept the fact that he's on God's time, not mine. If it was my choice he would have been slaying demons a long time ago. But I know The Lord has the perfect time for him and I have faith that it will happen. If you're reading this, please send a prayer up for my brother to look to the Father and to let God have his heart.

Thank you.


The last hair cut before he left! Jamie and Tim.:)

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