Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 Days of prayer, Day 4- Repentance

Hey God,
I'm not at Shomo group right now, which you can see. But anyways, we always have gratitude's to start off the group and I just can't imagine a Saturday night without some. So, I'm thankful for the relationship my mother and I are forming. I love her sooooo much! Also, for the ladies tea this morning. The wisdom from those women is amazing to hear. I'm like a sponge in the room every time, it's great. I'm thankful for promises that are kept and the love that's behind the hardships.

"You can't say what God says until you see what God sees. The first step? Repent."

Forgive me for hurting you with my sin. I want to repent God. Help me. Please, help me rid the judgmental worldly thoughts that I let sweep my mind. Help me think differently. Help me see the love in people. No, help me see the true heart You've made for each person. You've been able to change my ways tremendously this far, keep working on me. Don't let me find complacency. Keep me running.

Open my eyes from blindness. Give me light in darkness. When I'm stubborn, hit me with meekness. These things will help me repent. As my walk goes, reveal to me what it is I must repent from in order to find You. I will fail You, but please forgive me. I know You'll still be waiting and I'm sorry if it takes me a few times around the mountain to understand what You need me to learn. See to it that I always get up and start walking up the mountain.

Lord, help me keep You the center of each season. My life is changing a lot at the moment and I don't want a season of sinfulness. If the enemy puts it in my face, help me keep You in mind and turn from it. Without any second thoughts. I want to walk beside you God and I want to walk closely.

Again, heal my wounds Father. Please. I ask that You give me wisdom within this trial to do Your will. To seek You as the days go on. Help me grow more toward You and keeping You in my heart opposed to locking up the worldly relationships I feel are precious. I'm giving them to you. Take them out of my heart and pour Your love in. I'm tired of feeling anger and sorrow. I know it's a process, but You are the great healer. And I believe full commitment to You will help this heart heal quicker. I'm full of joy and life! Give me the strength to repent against this anger and let the world see my heart. A heart of love. A heart after You.

Thank You for taking the time to work on me. For making my story and for having a plan. Thank You for always loving me.

in Jesus name,
May it be so.

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