Friday, December 9, 2011

10 Days of prayer, day 3- Replace this

I've found in my walk that many people are self conscious about praying aloud. Mostly because they fear what others will think. First off remember, they have no right to judge you. Also, there is no need for fancy words. God is your father and friend. He knows your heart and even when you stumble over your words, he understands what you're saying. Besides, stumbled prayer is better than no prayer.

 I'd like to encourage you, next time you pray with a friend kick the thought, "What are they thinking?" out of your head and replace it with "God is listening." And if you don't plan on praying with a friend anytime soon, face that fear and make it happen.

I'm weak and I need your strength to pass this. Please give me wisdom as to why these trials are going on in my life. Take this anger from my heart and replace it with peace and patience, please Father. Help me be still and rest in you tonight God.

in Jesus name,

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