Monday, June 24, 2013


   I had an amazing weekend camping with friends!! It was the perfect little break I needed for inspiration and relaxation. God is so good! The every day routine had me down in the mud and this weekend was a fabulous pick me up. (which is ironic because we literally got stuck in mud knee deep camping. haha)

With such an eventful weekend I'm bringing you the "3 No-No's of camping"

The 3 No-Nos

1.) Never forget the tent. Always check the bag first to make sure the stakes are not the only thing in it!! As soon as we got to the camp site my room mate was so excited to open the bag and get the tent up! But, she was pretty bummed out when she realized, the tent was MIA. Luckily! We had more friends coming who had a twelve person tent! Phew.

2.) Don't walk into stinging nettles!! GAH. I didn't know these things existed, until I walked into an over grown area to pee. To say the least, the job did not get down and my legs felt like 1,000 bees were stinging them! EEEK! It HURT! Then, bumps grew all over my legs. But, they went away within a couple hours and all was well! Double phew. (If you don't know what they look like Google them!)

3.)  Adventures are fun, without towels. So, we went on an "adventure" up  the river, found rail road tracks and followed them back down to our site. The only problem was, a couple of the girls brought their towels. Good idea right? Dry off after the awesome swimming spot we find? Yes! Great idea! Wrong. As we all attempted to cross the river a few of us fell in. Which made the the nice dry towels weigh 10 pounds and difficult to carry. Eeek.

ALWAYS bring great friends with gorgeous voices and guitars. 

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