Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kicking out the New Year Resolutions

I came across an article in P31 magazine's January issue that has changed my perspective on the "New Year Resolutions" tradition. Rachel Olsen wrote about how she kicked the whole idea and traded it out for something new.

She explains how instead of setting goals and losing interest after a few short weeks, she picked one word and that was her main focus all year long. Her word this past year was "create", she journal, studied and reflected on it throughout the year. Only her and God know the true change and impact her heart experienced, but as she wrote it was quit obvious Father deepened her love, soul and mind connecting with Him in a more transparent relationship.

At times, when I set goals for myself I feel defeated before I begin. I was very encouraged as I read about her experience. So excited that I'm taking the idea but am using a different word for each month. So many words came to mind; observe, do, love, give, focus, victory, courage.

The word I'd like to start with? Observe.

I'm always distracted. Whether my face is in my phone or my mind is lost in thought, I never am 100% aware of what exactly is going on right in front of me. I'm also very selfish and always feel the need to be right about everything. I've been lacking on listening and connecting with hearts. At the end of the day, I don't like it. I feel greedy when I don't listen. Listening itself is a gift and most of the time people need that more than what I (or you) think would be the best advice.

I've heard several times recently that you learn the most when you shut up and listen. Hopefully I will learn a lot this month.

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