Sunday, August 26, 2012

The body of Christ is a musical performance

I'm trying to wrap my head around people and their passions. I can't. I'm very blessed to often be surrounded by extremely creative people. It's not a common thing in my community to strive for a job in corporate America, slave driving in cubical land. For some people it's their dream and that is totally fine.

Anyways, I just cannot express how utterly amazed I get when I see people living out their passions. It's like, time slows down for just a moment and nothing else matters except the beautiful creativity expressed.

One time, I was at a friends show and a band started playing the last song of their set. The song was about the journey of walking with God. I wish I knew who these people were to give them credit because it was absolutely phenomenal. The music was so beautiful and passion was pouring out of their hearts. You could tell that they were all completely in tune with their craft. It seemed like nothing around them could distract them from this one moment. Then some of their friends from another band came out and finished the song with them. I'm not kidding when I tell you, I was crying. It was so breath taking to see God's children love the life He gave them. They were appreciating the talents God  blessed them with and sharing it with an amazing brotherhood He intricately shaped together. The smile on all of their faces was shining with eternal joy. Ah! I have goose bumps thinking about it.

Come to think of it, isn't that how the body is suppose to work? Each person doing their part and enjoying the blessing of who they're with while it happens?

Hmm, so often we feel like we need to hand our drum sticks to the bassist. Or try to fight for the microphone while still holding our guitar. Sometimes it gets really bad and we hop in the sound booth, start going to town thinking we know what we're doing, pressing all sorts of buttons creating nonsense. Or we even jump behind the merch table and start throwing shirts everywhere and end up handing out a size small when the super cool dad wants a large! Can you imagine how much of a mess that would be?

We each have our own gifts for the body, embrace it. One is no better than another. Once we all are truly doing our part, it's a breath taking moment we will never forget.

Read 1 Corinthains 12

Have a good week lovelies.:)

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