Friday, August 10, 2012

Bits of life lately.

Hey, I'm alive and this is not another abandon blog on the internet

God has blessed me with a lovely resting period. Honestly I can say since my walk has started this is the first time I feel like everything is perfect. That's what's nice about walking with Him. The more you trust and your faith grows, the more you see how perfect His plan for you is. Even if you had to be dragged through hard situations to get there.

Here are a couple photo peeks from life lately. I've been getting out and exploring my city more. Creating and crafting along enjoying a sunset or two. Oh, and I've become a tea fanatic! It has been nice to relax and breath in life. 

During this "resting period", I've had plenty of time to stir up some ideas in my brain. First things first, I'm going to stop being so legalistic about this space I have here.(this blog, in case you didn't pick up what I was throwing down) This space is not longer going to strictly be for what God has taught me in my life, but what he has taught others. (more details on this later! very excited about this idea!) I'm also going to be sharing my recipes, mini trips, DIY projects and anything else I become obsessed with.

More good news! I'm working on opening a Etsy shop! Named Denim and Eve, of course! Most likely it will be up and running this spring. (fingers crossed) But until then I have a few craft shows lined up to test out my products to see what dose best and probably revamp things before the store opens. Quality > Quantity.  

I'm extremely excited about the change! More ventures soon!
love you,


  1. the changes sound great :) You have a beautiful space here :)

  2. cute photos


I truly appreciate you reading Denim and Eve! Thank you for the love!