Sunday, April 15, 2012

How God led me to The Ramp

"Think big, think big, think big, go the The Ramp." He said. I instantly sat up and started crying. "What?" I thought.

Just the day before I made the statement, "I love The Ramp's podcast and live services but I would never go to the school. I don't think I could ever go to any kind of ministry school." That was the fear in me speaking.

It is quite a scary thing when God wants us to face our ultimate fear but the fact that we're with Him in His power makes it a little more comforting.

Later that afternoon I found myself pacing my room trying to build up enough courage to sign up for the College Days visit. A few days after I was sitting at the kitchen table writing out my testimony for the school's application. About a week after that I received the scariest email ever, I was accepted to the school. His unexpected plan for my life was being laid out right in front of me. So what did I do? The same thing most humans do when they are walking up to their fears, avoid, avoid, avoid. I was really good at justifying the whole thing with thoughts like, "Well, I have a wonderful community here, a wonderful home, a nice job, I'm growing. There is no need to be in a tiny Alabama town at ministry school, I'm being used here." Although I was constantly justifying the situation, my heart knew differently. My heart knew He wanted me to be out of my element and wanted to stretch me in a new way. I needed to be prepared for something bigger and school was the first step.

Several weeks past and it was time to check out the school and see what this place was all about. We drove all day and when we finally got into Hamilton we arrived five minutes before Wednesday night service! Now, if that's not perfect timing I don't know what is. As soon as we walked into the sanctuary I met Candice, the young woman I was going to be staying with and her precious baby boy! As soon as she introduced herself I felt comfort in being there. Then, the service took off and I was about ready to kick off my shoes I felt so at home.

College days started the next day and it was amazing! I met so many wonderful people, the students were so welcoming. It was awesome to hear all the different stories of how they ended up at the school and how being there has changed their lives. They were open to answering any questions about obtaining a student life at RSM and made sure all the perspective students felt comfortable through out the College Days activities. After sitting in on class I remember thinking, "These are my kind of people."

Although I was loving my visit the fear of leaving everything I knew at home kept creeping up on me. Candice and I were having lunch before the last meeting for College Days, she could tell I had my mind made up on wanting to stay home.Then she said something to me that changed my life. Knowing I wanted to get more involved in working with younger girls and had a heart to pour into them she said, "If you don't spend a season becoming equipped for your ministry, it's going to fail." My heart sunk to my toes. She was completely right. I haven't had that season of solely God and I and knew for some time I needed it. Going off to the last meeting for College Days I asked God for confirmation that this was the place He wanted me.

The meeting went great, there were tons of door prizes and scholarships won. Tears of joy filled the room. I was happy for everyone but still a little uneasy about whether this was the place for me or not. See, I had planned on going back to college for writing in the fall at home. God started building this skill in me and I wanted to grow in it. As I was off in thoughts of wanting to become a better writer the next speaker was up, my attention went from day dreaming to the stage. He started to explain The Ramp's new 12 tribes elective program. He started the list of the electives; dance, media, worship, writing. Wait a minute, back up, writing? As soon as I heard that tears would not stop falling. That was the confirmation from God and my heart fell quickly into peace.

I know God is going to do amazing work on my heart there and I will flourish into the woman He wants me to be. I cannot wait to see what He was planned for the future.

Please help me get there! I'm starting to raise donations for tuition, rent and food for the up coming school year! If you would like to receive a monthly news letter with stories and details on my progress, please email me at saying to add you to the list. Also, don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions, need encouraged or someone to listen.:)

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  1. Oh wow, your testimony is so amazing. I wish that I could give something to you but I'm unable to do so right now. I pray that God will continue to order your footsteps!

  2. This gives me hope that I too will lay aside my indecisiveness and make a decision about which school I am going to. Very encouraging.


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