Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thankful for..

This past week was the hardest yet. There were points where I could not see the light at the end of this tunnel. There were days where I'd be such a roller coaster it seemed like I was suffering from multiple personalities. The worst was the blanket of numbness that would cover me and I just could not feel anything, all I could do was sit. Praise God He helped me through it though. I seriously have no idea where I would be without Him. I mean, I could take a good guess and all those places are not good ones.

It's time for a thankful post. They say (now I'm not sure who "they" are) people who are thankful are 25% happier. So here's to the past week and starting a new one.


Thank you for Maria!! I had such a great time with her Sunday at my mother's church. She's such a beautiful woman, her faith is outrageously encouraging. Thank you for having her sick by my side this past week and speaking through her.

Thank you for coffee with Sean. I honestly didn't believe the man could talk for three hours! It was so refreshing to hear the passions you've planted in him. I loved hearing his story and heart, it inspired and reminded me to focus more on what you want me to do in order to complete your mission.

Thank you for Ally G! My girl! So compassionate. Literally at the drop of a dime she was over to my house with cheese cake ready to cuddle and cry. I loved it! Her loyalty is unreal. I could definitely feel Your love form her.

Thank you for Richard. And his YMCA pass. He as well is an amazing friend. An amazing, amazing, amazing friend. I love his crazy ideas he has to get frustration out. I'm also thankful he was brave enough to throw rocks off a bridge with four girls.

Thank you for Agora! I LOVE THOSE CHILDREN! Although it's crazy at times I cannot help but soak in up. So many little hearts, lost in this crazy world. Having this reach out for them and letting them learn about You, ahh I'm left breathless. It's amazing how that place strictly runs off Your power to stay up and going. Also, thank you for Curt and having him introduce Agora to me. He's wonderful!

Thank you for the family time Thursday night! It was great to have both sides of the family get together for Tim. I'm going to miss him so much! Please take care of him while he's out. I'm thankful for him as well, he's been quit the little brother to have around and he has such a big heart! I know You have made him well because You do not make mistakes, help him learn how to love You and live his life for You.

Thank you for Glenna! Her open ears are refreshing. Listening is such a gift to have and that woman has it!

Thank you for Sam! Being able to bond over country music has been quite entertaining. I cannot wait to see him again!

Thank you for tub night with Glenna, Gabbi and Jessi! Thank you for Laurels face when she saw all of us sitting there. I love them all so much! Having this community of young woman is more than a blessing. It's great we all have each other for comfort and love when the good and bad comes along.

Thank you for Holli. Her gift at cutting hair and enjoying it. Thank you for her heart protecting mine.

Thank you, thank you thank you for the greatest girls night ever! I don't think I've had that much fun ever!

Thank you for Justin! He's so cool, I wish he was my little brother. I guess he is actually, through You. It was great talking to him over coffee and finding random crazy things in the thrift store. I love seeing how young he is and the heart he has for You. Age really has no limit.

Thank you for Ashley. It was great to talk to her last night. And I'm so thankful she was there for me while I was sick doing anything she could to help me feel better. I love her.

In Jesus name.

Holy cow, I seriously do feel a lot better, more than 25%. I cannot believe this!
I'd definitely encourage everyone to do this.

All glory to God.

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  1. I'm SO sorry love!! It's been rough for me too.): but it's okay!! It'll get better.<3 relax, watch a movie, pig out on food? hahahha ;)


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