Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Today. Today. Today.

Today was rough, yet relaxing and very important. A lot of tough decisions were made today! hopefully I'm making the right ones. 

Sadly, my birthday flowers have come to a end.

           After getting showered, dressed and having good chats. I baked cookies for a reach out that the church is doing and visited grandma! Now, grandma is literally crafter of all crafters! She use to own a craft/antique shop in a small town and pretty much lived the dream. She now makes baby doll clothes and takes Cabbage Patch Kids, cleans them up and makes gorgeous little outfits for them! She now goes to craft shows and has a few spaces in crafting stores. And! We're thinking about opening a Esty shop for her dolls, so look out for all the little girls you know!

            After the visit I went back home had my evening tea and din din! Then had girls group.:)

Take care lovelies!
-Sarah Lu


  1. haha i love that you took pictures of your dead flowers. :( sad, too bad they don't last forever. okay those doll clothes are adorable. and if she ever decides to make baby clothes( and if i ever have a girl) i want to know about it! they are classic.


  2. I hang onto flowers way too long....I have some dead bunches as we speak.

  3. wishing you the best...tough decisions are always...well tough.

    I stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say hi! Come on over and follow Color Issue...a blog all about color! :-)




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