Monday, October 24, 2011

a cute wrapping and weekend fun.

So, I decided giving a man beef jerky is exactly like giving a woman flowers. And that's what happened for the Bear's birthday. He agreed. I decided to make his gift a little extra manly with the new paper wrapping and green floss bow! Simple, easy and it came out pretty cute. :)

Like every Saturday night we had our home group at the house. It was extremely encouraging. Also, was a nice relaxing end to a stressful week. Then we went over to a friends house and watched about 7 episodes of Lost and ate birthday cake!

I'm home from work today in bed, sick. Hopefully I be alive and ready tomorrow! PLUS I only have one more week of this job and then get to have lots of time for crafts, vintage finding and enjoying friends.:) This holiday season is going to be wonderful!


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