Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One year older and one more adventure!

It was my birthday this past Friday! The bear and I had a nice little weekend road trip planned. Here are some photos for a peek to how it went.

My birthday flowers.:) I also got the greatest card EVER with them. I was so pleased with everything.

 The bear and his roommates got a new kitten! She was getting cozy on my suit case before we left. Such a cutie! 

Our bed. We spent here the first night and the next day we both were complaining about hoe horrible our back/neck/arms/legs/hips hurt. So needless to say, we got a room the second night.

On the road!

An AMAZING jungle jim we found and played around on in a cute country town.

Greatest sandwich I've ever ate. I love me some turkey melts!

Hartman's rock garden. A hidden Ohio treasure hardly anyone knows about. This place was odd at first but then once we took a extra look at all the pretty little details, we found it mind blowing. 

My birthday treat! We stopped at our favorite town, Yellow Springs to official celebrate the occasion.

Then woke up to wonderfully great fabulous tasty donuts! Bill's, you can never go wrong. 

Then we headed to the sauerkraut festival. Which had over 450 craft tents and lemon slushy's! We had too much fun.

After all that, we spent a few hours driving, stopping and walking. Took a gander in Ikea. Hoped over to the movies and had some dinner. Finished off the day with a lot better sleep. 

I had such an amazing, relaxing weekend! I'm so thankful for the time off work and money we had for the trip to happen. Not to mention the greatest boyfriend that enjoys paroozing around the state with me to craft shows and little towns.:)

Do you have any fond road trip memories?

-Sarah Lu

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