Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's 6am

Hey there lovelies,
It's about 5am and I can't fall back sleep. Then all of a sudden my creative juices hit me in the face.
So, I've been planning on starting this blog for about a month now. Some how I always mange to get all wrapped up in work and leave everything else to the side. Which is exactly why I've been wanting to start blogging again. See, there was once a point in time where I was a dreamer, a lover and a little ball of creativity. You could say I still am but it is buried deep beneath the depths of becoming an adult and worrying entirely too much about bills, organizing, sticking to the rules, ect.  Honestly, I'm tired of it and I quit. I need to feel the fresh air again, get some paint under my finger nails and venture out into this gorgeous world. 
Which is exactly what I'll be sharing with you. My thanks, crafting, thrifting, and special little bear dates! I want to use this space to inspire and be inspired. 
Join me as I journey back to myself. I hope to meet amazing young ladies on here along the way. (which I'm sure I will!) I can't wait to share the simple beauties of my life with you and everything else that comes with it. 
Good Morning,
-Sarah Lu

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  1. tazo is the best! my favorite is the chai!


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